Goodlettsville, Tennessee, Bandaríkjunum - öll hótel
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Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville

2,5 stjörnur2,5 stjörnur
202 Northgate DrGoodlettsvilleTN37072Bandaríkin, 800 9932
VerðverndVerðvernd við hótelbókun. Ef þú finnur einhvers staðar nákvæmlega eins dvöl á betra verði lækkum við annaðhvort okkar verð til samræmis eða gefum þér afsláttarmiða. Smelltu hér að neðan fyrir nánari upplýsingar.
Gott3,4 / 5
  • I always stay at Hampton Inn when I need a hotel, and I've never been disappointed. our…24. jan. 2017
  • I booked this on and didn't realize it was a smoking room. I stayed in the…24. okt. 2016
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Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville

Hótelupplýsingar: 800 9932

frá 14.433 kr
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  • Herbergi - 1 stórt tvíbreitt rúm
  • Herbergi - 1 stórt tvíbreitt rúm - Reyklaust
  • Herbergi - 1 stórt tvíbreitt rúm
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  • Herbergi - 2 tvíbreið rúm
  • Herbergi - 2 tvíbreið rúm
  • Eitt stórt tvíbreitt rúm, reyklaust
  • Two double beds ns
  • Eitt stórt tvíbreitt rúm, reyklaust
  • Herbergi - 1 stórt tvíbreitt rúm - Reyklaust

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Gott 3,4 /5 from 87 reviews

Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville
Frábært4,0 / 5
The room was very nice but we had some ants in the bathroom and room that got onto our clothes. Other than that the stay was very nice. The staff was exceptional.
1nótta ferð með vinum
Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville
Gott3,0 / 5
Older Hampton.
Arrived Friday, requested a refrigerater, front desk staff told me I would have one delivered on Saturday. Never arrived, asked same staff member who said she had left a note for someone. She was not overly concerned of helpful. This is the oldest Hampton we have stayed at and it shows it age with the bathroom condition. Very disappointed!
2 náttarómantísk ferð
Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville
Slæmt1,0 / 5
Worst hotel stay ever. Will never be back!
First off the elevator was broken down when we checked in and I have a disabled 10 year old daughter that has right sided hemiparesis from a stroke which means she has minimal use of the right side of her body. We were assured it would be repaired promptly which it wasn't fixed until Saturday evening that meant having to carry all of our luggage and coolers up three flights of stairs plus getting my daughter up and down every time we went somewhere. My wife and I were worn out by the stairs can you imagine how hard it was for my daughter?! We decided to go swimming and the bottom of the pool had a greenish substance on it.Friday we went out and when we came back our room had been cleaned but they didn't leave toilet paper and they left a dirty filthy rag on top of our cooler.It was very hot in our room the thermostat said 61degrees but it was more like 91degrees if we had not brought a fan with us we would not have been cool enough to sleep. Over all we had a TERRIBLE stay at Hampton Inn in Goodlettesville Tn. What was supposed to be a great place to stay on our vacation turned out to be more of a hassle than it was worth. We will never stay at another Hampton Inn. EVER and never use again because you recommended this hotel and it was not up to our standards or any other person do that matter.
3 nátta fjölskylduferð
Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville
Slæmt1,0 / 5
This was the worst possible place I have ever stayed that cost over $100 dollars a night. The room was a smoking room, which I did not notice when booking. The smell was horrible, we asked the night manager if anything else was available, no and we cannot return your money since you booked through Her attitude was awful and resentful of I made a mistake by not seeing we had booked a smoking room at 12 midnight, I accept responsibility. But for the rest of the stay, a total of four pillows that had to be 10 years old and thin as a pancake, towels that should have been thrown away a year ago, little hairs from the previous guest in the bathroom, not acceptable. The door to the room had to be forced open. Next morning we had breakfast and apparently either the ceramic tile hasn't been washed in forever or someone spilled maple syrup all over it and you stuck to the tiles. At 9:30 returned to the room and neither of our room keys worked. Luckily the maid was cleaning another room and she let us in. I am a former smoker so not sure if all rooms are like this, towel, pillows, etc and they don't think smokers deserve decent items in the room or if it's this way throughout. I will personally never stay in another Hampton Inn.
1 nátta viðskiptaferð
Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville
Gott3,0 / 5
Clean, but noisy
Air conditioner was quite noisy and didn't seem to work very well. To be fair, I didn't complain about it and give them a chance to fix it or find us another room.
3 náttarómantísk ferð

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Hampton Inn Goodlettsville – Goodlettsville

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