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Brevard Luxury Cabin

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Hús | Svalir
Hús | Svalir
Hús | Stofa | Sjónvarp, arinn
Hús | Stofa | Sjónvarp, arinn
Hús | 3 svefnherbergi, skrifborð, straujárn/strauborð, vöggur/ungbarnarúm

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Brevard Luxury Cabin

3.0 stjörnu gististaður
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  • Ókeypis bílastæði
  • Ókeypis WiFi
  • Gæludýr velkomin
  • Eldhús
  • Reyklaust
  • Ísskápur
1612 Glady Fork Road, Brevard, NC, 28712
  • Garður
  • Þvottaaðstaða
  • Útigrill
  • Farangursgeymsla
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  • 3 svefnherbergi
  • Eldhús
  • Heitur pottur til einkaafnota
  • Sjónvarp
  • Garður

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  • Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) - 56 mín. akstur

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Brevard Luxury Cabin

Easy Check -out Instructions:

We love what we do, and we have a great team that works really hard to sanitize and maintain our properties between guests. 

Here are 7 simple things you can do to help us welcome our next visitors:

1. Put all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and run using the provided dishwasher pod. (If your property does not have a dishwasher, please wash all dishes and put them away after use.)

2. Place all trash in trashcans and take any trash bags to garbage cans on the side of the house. Trash is taken to the street. Please see house manual for which day applies to this property.

3. Dispose all opened food items (including those in the refrigerator) and collect all bottles and/or food items around the house. You are welcome to leave unopened items for future guests. Share the love!

4. If you moved any furnishings during your stay, please return them to their original location to prevent being charged.

5. Collect all used linens and place them in one pile next to the washer.

6. Make sure all doors and windows are locked on your way out and be sure to return any keys (if applicable)

7. Be sure to sign our guest book before you leave. (We love reading your messages!) Also, please tag us on Facebook & Instagram when posting pictures of your fun times in Greenville! ( @StayGVL). We love to see your kids and pets having a great time here too!

Have a great stay! 

Conoly and Matt Sullivan 

A Pet Security/Damage Deposit is required on all properties to insure compliance with the Terms of Occupancy and will be paid with your final reservation payment.The Security/Damage deposit is held until in a trust account until a determination of the condition and content of the rental property has been verified. Amounts will be released within 30 days of check -out after verification that no damage was incurred, or that additional cleaning has not been necessary. Extra cleaning fees will be deducted from Security Deposit if necessary.


Guests booking through our website or a third -party site (Airbnb, VRBO,, etc.) acknowledge they have read the following terms and conditions and will comply with the rules set forth below during their stay:

Cancellation policy:

We have a strict reservation policy. Reservations are fully refundable up to 30 days before your stay. After that point, the amount of the refund will be contingent on whether we are able to find another guest to rent the property during the same time frame. Guests that cancel inside the cancellation window will receive a partial or full refund depending on what dates the property was re -rented.

Security Deposit:

The Property Manager has the right to collect fees on any property damage incurred during the stay. Each property requires a security deposit (ranging from $500.00 to $1000.00). Security Deposit damages include but are not limited to stained towels, broken glassware or dishes, city/county citations incurred by guests, etc. Security deposit will be refunded within ten (10) days after departure; providing the above provisions are met and no damage is done to home, its contents, and outside amenities beyond normal wear and tear there will be no cause for withholding monies for damages.


It is agreed that the Premises shall be used only for residential purposes, and for no other purpose whatsoever. Special events, weddings, and gatherings that exceed maximum occupancy are prohibited.

Tenant in the possession, use and occupancy of the Premises agrees to observe and comply with all restrictions, laws and ordinances affecting the Premises or occupancy thereof.

Tenant further agrees that no use shall be made of the Premises, or acts done which will increase the existing rate of insurance upon the Premises, or will cause a cancelation of any insurance policy covering the Premises.

Smoking policy:

Out of consideration for all our guests, there is no smoking inside the property. If our cleaning personnel ascertain that this rule has been broken, we will add a $450.00 cleaning charge to your bill. Smoking is permitted outside of the property, minimum of 25 feet from the property and all exterior doors and windows must be closed and all cigarette butts must be picked up and disposed of properly. There is a $5.00 charge for every cigarette butt that has to be picked up from the outside of the property.

Noise policy:

Please be considerate of your neighbors. Please keep it quiet after 10:00PM and before 9:00AM. We might stop by and remind you if it is a little loud. Please be advised that no parties are allowed on the property.


We welcome your pets. These are pet friendly homes, but dogs only. Cats will be considered, but only with prior approval by Property Manager. For guests planning to bring dogs, guests must inform us of what kind of dogs they will be bringing ahead of time or at booking. At booking through our website, a $25.00 per pet per day fee will be assessed for up to three dogs per property along with a $400.00 pet deposit (per property). If a guest is found to have a dog during their stay and they did not notify the property manager, an immediate $125.00 fee per pet will be charged to the guest, along with the $400.00 pet security deposit. If a guest is found to have had a pet in the property after they have checked out (example: staff has found pet hair or other evidence of a pet in the property), the guest will be charged a $150.00 pet fee. The pet deposit is refundable upon checkout pending no damage to property, no pet hair on the furniture, and all pet droppings removed from yard.

Pets are not allowed on furniture and fees will be charged per piece of furniture with pet hair (Couch - $25.00, Chair -$15.00).

All pet feces must be picked up in the yard before departing. Guests will be charged $10.00 for each pet feces that our cleaning staff has to remove.

Hypoallergenic dogs must still pay pet fee.

We do comply with requirements for service and emotional support animals; however, guest MUST furnish the following in order to have the pet fee and deposit waived:

1. Guest must submit the following questions with answers that is answered by the guest's medical professional. The letter must be an official document with the letterhead of the medical professional, and include contact information, phone number, email address and the medical professional's license number. The note must be signed by the medical professional. Questions to be answered:

A. Does the guest have a disability?
B. Does the guest require the assistant animal because of the above disability?
C. What work or task the animal has been trained to perform.

2. Guest must furnish vaccination records for the pet to show that all vaccinations are current.

Check -in and Check -out:

Unless you have paid an additional fee, we ask that check -in is no earlier than 4:00 pm and check -out is no later than 10:00 am. Our cleaning staff needs enough time to schedule cleaning the property between stays. All guests and occupants must completely vacate the premises at the time specified. Any delay in check -out shall result in the guest(s) being charged additional monies. Guests may request an early check in or a late check out for an additional $45.00 per request, subject to approval by the reservation staff.

Minimum Booking:

Minimum booking requirement is at least two nights in a row. Please call if you would like an exception. We can usually do this last minute or during the weekdays when there is more availability.

Long Term Booking:

We accept long term bookings up to six months or more. We do have special rates for these types of stays, depending on the season and availability. Please contact us at, or for quotes and availability.


Parking is only authorized in designated spots. Absolutely NO PARKING in the yard at the property. Guests will be charged up to $250.00 if damage occurs due to guest parking on the property’s lawn. If you have a question regarding parking, please call us.


Absolutely NO DRUGS are tolerated on the property. If evidence of drugs are found, the police will be called immediately and all guest information will be provided to the police. Additionally, guest will forfeit their security deposit to cover damages and time spent dealing with local authorities, as well as cleaning fees needed to remove items from property.


By state law, occupancy may not exceed what is posted for each home. Maximum occupancy includes infants and children.

Falsified Reservations:

Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check in.

House Rules:

Guests agree to comply with the house rules established for each property. House rules can be found under the description for each property in either our website or third -party vacation rental sites.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

1. Due to security reasons, software and or files may not be downloaded by guests on any provided in -home computer or electronic device.

2. Leave all original house items in the house and if furniture or items are rearranged during stay, items must be returned to their original location upon checkout. Hourly rates will apply to returning house to original condition.

3. Appliances should not be on if guests are not physically inside the house.

4. Guests are not allowed to make or coordinate for any repairs for the property. Any issues with the house must be immediately reported to the property manager. Any repairs or contractors scheduled by the guest without notification to the property manager will result in the guest being liable for any costs, as well as any costs to fix items not repaired correctly by guest. In case of fire, flood, burglary, or Acts of God, please call 911 first and then notify the property manager. No refunds are given for issues that are brought up after your stay.

5. Make -up removal: Guests wearing makeup - We provide makeup removal towels in every property. Please use these or tissues to remove makeup. We will have to charge per towel with makeup that cannot be removed. Large towel - $25.00, Hand Towel - $10.00, Washcloth - $6.00.

Taxes Collected

Persons furnishing sleeping accommodations in South Carolina for vacation rental purposes must be licensed and must remit (unless otherwise exempt) the 6% sales tax, plus any applicable local sales tax, to the South Carolina Department of Revenue, and must also remit any applicable local accommodations tax collected directly by the municipality and county in which the property is located to the applicable municipality and county.

Hold Harmless:

Property Manager does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury to persons or their personal property due to forces that are beyond the Manager’s control such as, but not limited to, poor weather, bad road conditions, natural disasters, power outages, mandatory evacuations, construction, and/or “Acts of God.” Property Manager is not responsible for any inconveniences that may occur to prevent the use of amenities such as, but not limited to, hot tubs, television, and internet. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN DUE TO POOR WEATHER CONDITIONS OR OTHER OCCURANCES SUCH AS THOSE LISTED HEREIN.

Security Not Promised:

Guest has inspected and acknowledges that all door and window locks, fire extinguishers, security alarm systems and/or carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are in sound working order. Guest further understand and acknowledges that although Property Manager makes ever effort to make the Vacation Rental Premises safe and secure, this in no way creates a promise of security.

Right of Entry:

Property Manager reserves the right to inspect the Vacation Rental Premises with advance notice. In the event of an emergency or to make repairs, Property Manager is permitted to gain entrance to the premises. Guest shall not prevent Property Manager for gaining entrance under these circumstances. Property Manager will not infringe upon the peaceful enjoyment of the Guest(s) and will exercise reasonable notice before entering.

Joint and Several Liabilities:

Guest(s) understand and agree that if there is more than one Guest that has signed the agreement, each Guest is individually and completely responsible for all obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

This Vacation Rental Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of South Carolina.

By signing and/or processing booking, Guest(s) certify that he/she has read, understood and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions.

Weary from the day -to -day grind of work and life? Why not escape to this secluded, 2,200 square foot mountain cabin? It’s the ultimate destination for a big family or group of friends that want to recharge and reconnect.

Driving into this 40 -acre retreat located near Brevard, NC, your heart will start racing. All that beauty, along a steep, winding road. You’ll definitely want a 4x4 or AWD vehicle to navigate the gravel incline. It is steep and some front wheel drive vehicles cannot make it up.  But the moment you pull up to this custom log home, you’ll understand why it’s has been featured in multiple local magazines (and you’ll want to give yourself a high five for booking it).


Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this roomy, luxurious mountaintop cabin combines fine European -style elegance with modern comforts. The result? A haven from the ordinary. The décor in each room—period antiques and luxurious bedding—creates a graceful ambiance. No wonder guests routinely use words like “serene,” “relaxing,” “peaceful” and “stunning” to describe their experience here! 

This three -level home (main floor, downstairs and loft) was thoughtfully designed for you to have an unforgettable mountain experience. Enter on the main level (technically the second floor) and you’ll find… 

Stunning floor -to -ceiling glass windows—so you can soak in the scenic beauty all around you

An open floor plan with lots of comfortable seating (and a big dining table)

A big wood -burning fireplace (We definitely encourage its use in the colder months! FYI, we supply two bundles of firewood for your stay. Additional firewood will result in an additional charge.)

A large gourmet kitchen with commercial grade appliances

A full bathroom

Heated flooring. (Your feet will never be cold on these floors!) 

A main porch along the back of the home from which you can enjoy spectacular mountain views.

What’s downstairs?

Descend the custom wood -planked stairs and you’ll find:

A common area with a bunk bed (full bed on the bottom and a twin bed on top), and large twin -size sofa bed 

A washer/dryer and linen closet (for your use).  

Two private bedrooms, each with a queen bed and luxurious bedding and electric heaters for the colder months

Two full bathrooms 

Heated flooring

A porch with a Jacuzzi tub and ping pong table 

What’s upstairs?

Under a beautifully crafted cathedral ceiling, the loft area has four twin beds, one queen bed, and two chairs that convert to twin size beds (perfect for kids!). There are also two hammock swings, making this the perfect nesting spot for any group looking to hang out together in a beautiful space.

What’s outside? 

Miles of peace and serenity in every direction! 

Areas for gathering (the chairs on the big exterior porches allow your group to spread out for conversation…or catching 40 winks) 

A fire pit off the front porch

No neighbors within miles (But just in case you get the urge to walk around in your birthday suit, know that, due to the secluded nature of this property, there are two exterior cameras. One monitors the front driveway. The other watches the back of the property where the key box is located. These surveillance cameras are strictly for safety and security purposes. There are no cameras inside the property.


Have other questions? Maybe these FAQs will give you all the info you need…

What are our cleaning practices (and fees) in the time of COVID -19?

Some guests have asked us recently, “Why do your cleaning fees seem a bit higher than certain other rental companies?” It’s a fair question, and here’s our honest answer:

When it comes to guest safety, we will never cut corners.

Some hotel cleaning staffs spend 20 minutes (at most) tidying up a room. Other rental companies charge less—and do a whole lot less cleaning! Not us. We will always go the extra mile to keep you safe—especially in this era of COVID -19. In some cases, it takes our staff eight hours to properly clean and disinfect a 1 -bedroom house, and to commercially clean all towels and linens.

Bottom line? We only charge for the cleaning that is necessary to insure your safety and comfort. 

When we clean a property, our staff members wear gloves and masks. We follow professional hospitality standards by (a) using industrial strength cleaners and (b) commercially washing linens in water temperatures of 160+ degrees to kill any virus/bacteria. We sanitize all surfaces with Lysol disinfectants and bleach -based cleaning liquids. We are not offering natural cleaning options at this time. Again, it’s because of these additional cleaning precautions that we have been forced to raise our cleaning and linen charges. 

To minimize any exposure, for same day bookings/arrivals, we do not perform pre -inspection as per our normal guidelines, unless a guest requests it.

For all other bookings, properties are inspected 24 hours before arrival. Please note that due to COVID cleaning requirements, if you are checking in on the same day that another guests is checking out, we are only able to allow early check -ins if we are able to coordinate well in advance. An early check -in fee for such situations will be quoted ahead of time due to the extra cleaning requirements. 

Do you host families with young children? 

All the time! We especially love making traveling with little ones easier for you. If it will reduce your vacation stress, we can, upon request, provide a Pack -and -Play and bedding at no charge. For a small fee, we can also provide a high chair and age -appropriate toys and games for your child. Want to leave all your bulky “baby paraphernalia” at home? Just let us know your child’s age/gender so we can get you set up. Request those items when reserving the property, and we’ll be sure to have them on site when you arrive!

What about pets? 

Only dogs are allowed at this property at this time. Be advised there is a pet fee of $45/dog per night. Also a refundable $650 pet damage deposit is required at the time of booking (this deposit will be returned after checking out of house). For stays longer than 30 days, we charge a lower daily pet fee  (Please inquire for current rates for this property). For long term stays we do require a higher security deposit. Don’t worry, the deposit is totally refundable as long as you follow our pet rules!

What are the pet rules? 

We highly encourage owners to use a kennel to prevent any furniture or home damage when the pets are left unattended. We kindly ask that owners do not allow their pets on the furniture (couches, chairs, or beds) or we will have to charge to professional steam clean each item item. As long as the rules are followed and no damage occurs, the pet deposit will be returned within 48 hours of checkout!

What if I am a business traveler who comes to Greenville often? 

We love repeat travelers and we offer seasonal discounts to repeat travelers only. Make sure we have your email and you will get notifications throughout the year tailored to YOU!

Do you allow long -term or frequent stays?

Long -term stays are welcome! Please send a message and let’s talk schedules and dates. We reward repeat travelers by offering an automatic 10% off after one stay. Also ask us about our business specials where we give 1 free night for every 10 week nights spent with us for 50 days paid for in advance. (Not applicable for weekend stays or discounted long term monthly stays). Please note reservation fees are applied with every stay.

What about early check -ins and late checkouts? 

We understand you wanting to maximize your time in Greenville, so we offer an early check -in option and late checkout option (for those who reserve far enough in advance). NOTE: There is a small fee for this service (since we have to bring in extra staff to make this possible for you). 

Normal check -in is 4:00 PM. Early check -in is 1 PM. Normal check -out is 10:00 AM. Late checkout time is noon.

All additional requests must be made ahead of time.  If you put in your request ahead of time, we will make it happen for you!

What are our StayGVL’s office hours? 

As a professional property management company, our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are easily reached through email or text as well.    In the case of guest emergencies, we’re available to you 24/7.

What do I need to do after booking? 

All guests are required to sign (electronically) a Vacation Rental Agreement with our company after booking. That signed agreement is required whether you book directly with us or through an online travel agency like Airbnb, VRBO, etc. 

As a guest, you have the flexibility of a coded from lock to check in when it's convenient for you—even after the check -in times. Or, if you desire, we can come by to meet and greet you. But we want to respect your privacy and also adhere to COVID -19 protocols.

In short, we will not come to the property during your stay unless you want us to, or it is necessary for us to address an issue

 All it takes for you to enjoy all this goodness is for you to enter your travel dates and click the green “Instant Quote” button to the right. You’ll be on your way!

Why do I have to sign a vacation rental agreement? I’ve never had to sign that before

This is a new insurance policy requirement since we are a professional property management company who manages vacation rentals. The purpose of the Vacation Rental Agreement is to create a legal contract in order to protect guests and owners. Since many Vacation Rental standards vary from host to host, this document helps us to clarify our expectations. All our confirmed guests are required to sign (electronically) this document in order to receive the check in instructions. That signed agreement is required whether you book directly with us or through an online travel agency like Airbnb, VRBO, etc.  The good news is that it doesn’t cost you anything and it takes less than 10 seconds to sign. Easy peasy!


House manual
Welcome Guests!

I hope you had a good journey. Now it's time to make yourselves at home. Help yourself to anything in the house.

This secluded mountain home is perfect for relaxation.  But if you find yourself adventerous, here are some things to consider:

To see/do
- Relax!
- Hiking or waterfall tours.  There are many wonderful opportunities to hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the area is known for the many beautiful waterfalls in the area.  See more information here:
- Mountain biking along the winding North Carolina mountain roads
- See Sassafrass Mountain, the highest point in South Carolina!
- Visit your kids at their Young Life retreat!  The Carolina Point Young Life Camp is just down the road!
- Float down the French Broad River at Rosman, NC.  More information here: -adventures/
- Visit and shop in historic Brevard, NC. -downtown -brevard -nc/

Grocery stores:
- The closest grocery stores are in Brevard, about 20 minutes away.  There is an Ingles and a Food Lion, along with a few smaller shops.  We highly recommend you stock up before you come to the property.

TV: TV Is a Smart TV and you can sign into your Netflix, amazon prime, and other accounts via the TV. Make sure to sign out of these accounts prior to departure!

Any excess trash, you can place in the trash bins under the car port. Trash is taken by our cleaning staff off the property so please ensure all trash is bagged when disposed of.

On the day of checkout, it would really help if you could do the following:
1. Please strip the beds and gather dirty linens in one spot (All linens are professionally laundered off site).
2. Start the dishwasher.
3. Take any strong odor trash to trash bins outside.
4. Sign out of accounts on the TV.
5. Make sure to grab all of your belongings upon departure!
6. Close and lock all windows and doors.

If you need anything here are our points of contact: Conoly: 864 -979 -0426 Matt: 864 -518 -5043

Have a great stay!

Conoly and Matt Sullivan

Hreinlætis- og öryggisaðgerðir

Auknar hreinlætisaðgerðir á gististaðnum

Gististaðurinn er þrifinn af fagfólki
Fletir sem oft eru snertir eru þrifnir og sótthreinsaðir


Snertilaus innritun
Þessar upplýsingar koma frá samstarfsaðilum okkar.



  • Innritun hefst kl. 16:00, lýkur á miðnætti
  • Snemminnritun er háð framboði
  • Lágmarksaldur við innritun - 25
  • Útritunartími er kl. 10:00

Takmarkanir sem tengjast ferðinni þinni

  • Kanna takmarkanir af völdum COVID-19

Sérstakar innritunarleiðbeiningar

  • Gestir munu fá tölvupóst með innritunarleiðbeiningum

Krafist við innritun

  • Kreditkort, debetkort eða innborgun með reiðufé er nauðsynleg fyrir tilfallandi gjöld
  • Sýna gæti þurft skilríki með mynd, útgefin af yfirvöldum
  • Lágmarksaldur við innritun er 25


  • Gæludýr ekki leyfð
  • Gæludýr leyfð

Aðstaða/þjónusta gististaðar


  • Heitur pottur til einkafnota


  • Ókeypis þráðlaust net

Bílastæði og flutningar

  • Ókeypis sjálfsafgreiðslubílastæði á staðnum

Fyrir fjölskyldur

  • Vagga/ungbarnarúm í boði


  • Ísskápur
  • Eldavélarhellur
  • Örbylgjuofn
  • Kaffivél/teketill
  • Eldhúsáhöld/diskar/hnífapör


  • 3 svefnherbergi
  • Rúmföt í boði


  • 3 baðherbergi
  • Hárblásari


  • Arinn


  • Sjónvarp


  • Verönd
  • Útigrill
  • Garður


  • Þvottavél
  • Þvottaaðstaða


  • Skrifborð


  • Kynding


  • Gæludýravænt


  • Reyklaus gististaður

Þjónusta og aðstaða

  • Straujárn/strauborð
  • Sími
  • Farangursgeymsla

Spennandi í nágrenninu

  • Í fjöllunum


  • Slökkvitæki

Gjöld og reglur


  • Snemminnritun er í boði (háð framboði) gegn aukagjaldi

Hreinlæti og þrif

Þessi gististaður hefur tilkynnt að þar sé gripið til ráðstafana um aukin þrif.

Gististaðurinn er þrifinn af fagfólki og fletir sem oft eru snertir eru þrifnir með sótthreinsiefni milli dvala.

Snertilaus innritun er í boði.


Samkvæmi eða hópviðburðir eru stranglega bannaðir á staðnum.

Gestir geta sofið rólega því að á staðnum er slökkvitæki.

Líka þekkt sem

Brevard Luxury Cabin Cabin
Brevard Luxury Cabin Brevard
Brevard Luxury Cabin Cabin Brevard

Algengar spurningar

Leyfir Þessi bústaður gæludýr?
Já, gæludýr mega dvelja á gististaðnum.
Býður Þessi bústaður upp á bílastæði á staðnum?
Já, boðið er upp á ókeypis sjálfsafgreiðslubílastæði.
Hvaða innritunar- og útritunartíma er Þessi bústaður með?
Innritunartími hefst: kl. 16:00. Innritunartíma lýkur: á miðnætti. Greiða þarf gjald fyrir að innrita sig snemma (háð framboði). Útritunartími er kl. 10:00. Snertilaus innritun er í boði.
Hvað er hægt að gera á gististaðnum og í nágrenninu þegar maður dvelur á Brevard Luxury Cabin?
Brevard Luxury Cabin er með garði.
Eru veitingastaðir á Þessi bústaður eða í nágrenninu?
Já.Meðal nálægra veitingastaða er Acapulco Mexican Restaurant (12,2 km).
Er Brevard Luxury Cabin með einkaheilsulindarbað?
Já, þessi bústaður er með heitum potti til einkaafnota.
Er Brevard Luxury Cabin með eldhús eða eldhúskrók?
Já, það er eldhús á staðnum, en einnig eru þar kaffivél, eldhúsáhöld og ísskápur.
Er Brevard Luxury Cabin með einhver einkasvæði utandyra?
Já, þessi bústaður er með verönd.

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Verstu fyrst/ur til að skrifa umsögn um þennan gististað eftir dvölina þína.