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4/10 Sæmilegt

Disappointing at best
I arrived at Sundia along with my famil who reserved six rooms for 10 nights each. It was a generally very disappointing experience. The room type requests came as a surprise despite many emails 1-4 months in advance to accommodate wheelchairs, closeness to elevators, and two beds in the rooms. I spent my holiday sharing a bed, falling off a bed, and sleeping on a sofa bed intended for kids. I approached the manager and front desk every day multiple times a day. Everyone keeps on lying and saying that I’ll have my room tomorrow. That never happened. The manager is not confrontational and was hiding most of the time. They have no intention of solving problems just pushing their own agenda which has always been status quo. Some of my party had food poisoning, and the hotel took no responsibility or even followed up with us despite our attempt to reach out to them to find out if this happened to any other guest. The sales people are pushy and lack finesse. I don’t recommend the hotel for anyone who needs any requests delivered. Otherwise, prepare for disappointment.
Noor, 1 nætur/nátta fjölskylduferð
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10/10 Stórkostlegt

Alles super
Vladislav, 3 nætur/nátta fjölskylduferð
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10/10 Stórkostlegt

New, clean hotel with all facilities and very friendly staff
Nurai, 2 nætur/nátta ferð með vinum
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2/10 Slæmt

The property stated that it is a 5 star hotel, while the whole stay starting with the room to the facilities and specially the food did not indicate that it is a 5 star hotel. It was very disappointing. The rooms are old, and there is no bath tub in the bathroom. The food was the most disgusting thing i had to put up with during the stay, and the alcohol was mixed with water and i kept on getting headaches from the cocktails. The pools are small and to get to the beach you actually have to walk out of the hotel to get to it. The staff were robotic and not friendly at all, they also lacked costumer service which was frustrating due to the amount of money i paid to stay there. All in all it was a terrible experience and never to be repeated again.
2 nætur/nátta rómantísk ferð
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